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You don’t even have to leave the house: If you have an online session, you can talk to your therapist or counsellor in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone. Maybe you’re struggling with mobility issues, maybe you want to save money on the commute, maybe you can’t get childcare, maybe the weather forecast doesn’t look good! For whatever reason, if having your session via video chat works for you, then do it!

You can keep up your sessions while travelling: Online Counselling gives the option of bringing your sessions online. You might be travelling for work, or on holiday or have gone home outside of city for a few days, and at the time, need to bring your session online.

You can tackle your anxiety: If you are seeking support for anxiety issues or agoraphobia, and don’t feel quite ready to come to one of our centres, the online option could be the best one for you at that time. As you work through your difficulties with your therapist, you may feel in time that you would prefer to have your session face to face. Or not! This is your wellbeing experience, and it has to suit your needs.

You can schedule to suit you: If you have a busy schedule online sessions might work for you. Maybe you’re having friends over 10 minutes after your session, maybe you’re studying for a big exam and every minute is precious. The online option gives you back the time you’d spend commuting without delaying or interrupting your therapeutic work.

You don’t have to live near: The good news is that you don’t have to live nearby. If you’re a farmer living in Offaly, a student living in Tipperary or a busy mum living in Donegal, for example, you can still avail of everything Online Counselling has to offer.

Article Comments

  • "Feel very down today, Christmas coming, but it will be very difficult and different this year, after my partner left "
  • - Alia (8th of December 2018, 03:23:53 PM)
  • "It won't work if you haven't got anyone to talk to. "
  • - Mandymandy (14th of May 2018, 11:12:28 AM)
  • "Thanks"
  • - Chunkymonkey (15th of May 2018, 10:14:54 PM)
  • "I have pain issues and poor mobility so I'm looking forward to trying it for the first time. "
  • - leachmario (22nd of May 2018, 10:17:39 PM)
  • "Well if anyone ever needs to talk I’m all ears. A problem shared is one halved stay strong everyone "
  • - Stardust18 (2nd of June 2018, 03:55:13 PM)
  • "I feel so low, I’ve lost my confidence "
  • - Roseanna (5th of June 2018, 03:57:48 PM)
  • "how do i schedule a one to one session as i cannot seem to do that. Can someone help. Thanks :)"
  • - Olibs (14th of August 2018, 04:03:30 PM)
  • "Is there a forum or chat on here? I don't see it "
  • - Corkman (9th of July 2018, 07:36:32 PM)
  • "feel so alone when I'm depressed I want people around me when I'm happy not sad cause i don't want to bring them down with me well feel like I'm bringing them down with me"
  • - TD55 (4th of August 2018, 05:13:18 AM)
  • "Life seems hopeless when all situation seems against u. when life is bright everyone happy when you are falling everyone stands by and no hope is given. Human are heartless against each other "
  • - bullent (15th of August 2018, 06:28:39 PM)
  • "feeling lost with so much that has gone on where do i turn for help"
  • - wishiwasbetter (18th of August 2018, 12:59:12 PM)
  • "Everyone of these comments screams "thats me,me,me" i just cant stand being alone feeling helpless, i feel like a burden to everyone, but i just soo badly wish for a normal life."
  • - Javierperez712 (22nd of August 2018, 04:00:07 PM)
  • "Everyone of these comments screams "thats me,me,me" i just cant stand being alone feeling helpless, i feel like a burden to everyone, but i just soo badly wish for a normal life."
  • - Javierperez712 (22nd of August 2018, 04:00:53 PM)
  • "I know I wanted to leave him even before, but now he was able to turn everything around and blame it all on me. Im suffocating..."
  • - Tessang (30th of August 2018, 07:19:12 PM)
  • "Seriously depressed again for 7 weeks. Wondering if it's worth the massive effort to get out of this mood as my history shows I 'll plummet again. Only drink helps but not for long.."
  • - buritto (6th of September 2018, 10:54:52 PM)
  • "I am severely depressed but I feel like I have very good reason to be. Reading all these post makes me feel real bad for everyone"
  • - Steelhorse (8th of September 2018, 07:52:23 AM)
  • "I’ve had depression since my divorce and I keep making the same mistake of binge drinking once a month, how can I change this "
  • - Jasmineo (15th of September 2018, 01:57:13 PM)
  • "I got a psycho episode first in my life I have been doing my best with little money since I could nt work for 2 months now I work and better one day at a time........"
  • - Mirey (4th of October 2018, 05:28:50 AM)
  • "I am depressed and the last year I am getting worse, it’s effecting my marraige and my moods and so low my husband says he is going to leave me and sick of walking on eggshells "
  • - Kastro (12th of October 2018, 08:04:10 AM)
  • "There don;t seem to be any spare 1:1 slots ... is this not running any more? And it keeps saying they have to be green, but there aren't any green ones on my pc???"
  • - HadrianMac (14th of October 2018, 08:50:04 PM)
  • "Anyone chat please no one else to turn too! "
  • - Avril223 (15th of October 2018, 07:20:21 PM)
  • "Does anyone have severe anxiety issues and how do you cope? "
  • - Rossco (31st of October 2018, 09:33:59 PM)
  • "I hope this page helps with what I feel inside. Feeling alone while being married."
  • - Michelle4 (2nd of November 2018, 09:42:09 PM)